It's 'half dead' !

hardrockkid(z6 (PA))May 4, 2004

I planned to add my experience in the 'winter damage' thread, but my babies had an additional problem to deal with last fall: a Golden Retriever puppy trying to pound them to a pulp. That issue is now solved, and (as you know!) spring is here.

Those 'babies' are a variety of calluna, e.carnea and e.cinerea planted last fall; most were small at planting (3.5" or 4.5" pots) (shipping that many gallons too expensive for me!!). Thankfully, I think I only lost one. I had several with the 'few dead twigs' look that others have described, but they are all sprouting growth tips.

ANYWAY, here's the thing: One carnea is 'half dead' -- it looks great in a half circle, and nothing at all (not even twigs) on the other side. Will it regain it's form? Should I prune the growing side to encourage growth the other way? (I've been reluctant to do so, wanting it to grow as much as possible this season -- in whatever direction).

Thanks for any input. Although I'm pretty new to gardening, and brand new (as of last year) to H&Hs, these rapidly became some of my favorite plants. I can't wait till my heather bed is all filled out, and I have faith that it will be!

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Rachaelfish(6 North Carolin)

I have a couple looking this way too-I pruned back the tips of the dead side and watered more-but I don't know....

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Yes, prune. Your plant should come back this summer. (Let us know.)

Before next winter sets in, cover your heaths and heathers with evergreen boughs to protect them from winter sun and windÂthe highly possible causes of this yearÂs problem.

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Rachaelfish(6 North Carolin)

Hmmm, yes, I noticed that the side of the plants to die is the side that was exposed-the living side is against a stone pot and fence and is quite green.

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hardrockkid(z6 (PA))

Karla Lortz (H& also recommended pruning.

So, I trimmed the growth tips on the live side. I think it will do fine... just not too sure what its ultimate shape will be!

Ooh, cinereas starting to bloom already here!

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