pete_the_stick(9)June 22, 2014

HI All, I am progressing into the 21st century a bit slower than the average man but getting there.
I am now venturing into the world of Aeroponics and at the moment on my very first attempt am having mixed results.
I am trying to propagate/clone some hibiscus,rose,Chrysamthemum and Oleander.
Well the Oleander has gone silly with long roots around 5-6 inches within the first three weeks, the hibiscus are doing well most of them have 1-2 inch roots, the Chrysamthemums are still not rooting but still look alive whereas the rose cutting unfortunately has died, but I will try again.

QUESTION- now that some of the cuttings have long roots on then can I just transplant them into rooting compost or mirical grow in 4 inch pots ?

Do I have to ensure that they are kind of heavily watered for the first few days-weeks??

Anybody with a lot of knowledge who can "spead the wealth" will be greatly appreciated.

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