Wondering if I screwed up

anitjeMay 30, 2013

I planted six Erica x darleyensis (Mediterranean pink and Mediterranean white) today that I purchased at a deep discount from Lowes. I'm not sure what is the pH of my soil....I live in Western Massachusetts (Connecticut River Valley) and most of the soil in my region is sandy loam or loamy sand- I think on the acidic side but not sure. (?!).

Anyway, when I planted them, I mixed the native soil with Miracle-Gro Plant and Vegetable Garden Soil Mix (which I believe contains manure, peat moss, etc...not sure exactly). Now that I have done the deed, it dawned on me that such soil mix might not be good for Erica because I read that it likes poor soil....for all I know the Miracle-Gro may be alkaline.

The site gets mixed sun and shade depending on time of day.

The guy at Lowes, who seemed pretty knowledgeable for a guy at Lowes, said that this stuff flourishes no matter what- I find that hard to believe from my reading,

Any ideas? Am I probably OK?



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Sorry so late in responding - this is not a very active forum

I do think you are probably going to be OK :-) But for future reference in planting heaths and heathers......
* Don't listen to anyone at Lowe's - they really do not know much unless an avid and knowledgeable gardener in their own right.
* Most soils in MA (and most of the east coast) ARE acidic and should be fine for heaths and heathers.
*These are really full sun plants - at least 8 hours a day. Some very early or late shade is OK but not much.
*And other than well-drained, acidic soil, these plants are very forgiving of soil conditions. Personally, I would never add Miracle Gro soil - first because it is too expensive and unnecessarily fertilized and second, because it is just not a very good quality soil.

Hope your Med pinks and whites are doing well :-)

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