Meyer Lemon with leaf curling and yellowing

dellinbellJune 4, 2012

My meyer lemon has been in the same pot for 9 months or so. It flowered in the very early spring and did set some fruit which it is holding onto but it has sparse foilage and a lot of it looks damaged - twisted, curled with marks on it which I think could be an insect of some kind. Not sure because I don't see any bugs and I have treated several times for disease and bugs. Also have treated with neem oil as well as fertilized. Just doesn't look healthy. Has anyone experienced this?

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Hope you get this! What you have are Asian leaf miners. They're new here. Supposedly they won't kill the tree, but I'm not convinced. You're supposed to treat with neem oil spray one week, and spinosad the next. My citrus are looking pretty bad, I need to get on top of this!

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They are called leaf miners because they get inside of the leaves. Once they are in they are virutally impossible to get out.
External applications will not get inside of the leaves so to that extent you are wasting your time.
However, neem oil sprayed on the young tender leaves will stop the moth from landing on it in the first place. Don't over do-it. Reapply if rain washes it off and as the new leaves grow.
I have a young meyer lemon with the same issue. The neem seems to be stopping further infestations.
I doubt that it will kill the tree but it certainly seems to be able to stunt a limb.

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