Confederate Jasmine and Aluminum Fence

angela_oJune 3, 2012

Hi! I planted Confederate (Star) Jasmine beside an aluminum pool fence two years ago. It is spreading nicely, smells great, requires no care, seems great.

Some of the vines are already an inch in diameter, however. Aluminum is so light and soft. I'm wondering if the jasmine is soon going to bend the fence. Does anyone have any experience with confederate jasmine on an aluminum fence? I can move it now, with little difficulty. I don't require it for privacy, but I am fond of the plant. It's not worth damaging the fence for, though.

And I did post in the Vines forum, as well.

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I don't have experience with Confederate jasmine and an aluminum fence. I do have a chain link fence (which I assume is the same as an aluminum fence), and it actually has trees growing through it, but it hasn't affected the strength of the fence. So I'd feel pretty sure that the Confederate vine won't do any damage to yours, but hopefully others will chime in as well.

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Hi, I can't say about the chain link fence but my several years old Confederate Jasmine is in the process of dismantling my home built arbor which is built with 4 by 4 pressure treated posts. So good luck.

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