Tomato Problems

alligatorobJune 14, 2008

My tomato plants do really well, in fact too well we have to fight to keep them in control. But our tomatoes are not so good. A lot of them turn a kind of white or pale red as they ripen and the tomatoes are not very good, woody and generally of poor quality. I have three different kinds of tomatoes, didnÂt keep the steaks but one is a big tomato, one is a cherry tomato, and one is small but bigger than cherry. All three have exactly the same problem.

I live on the beach, right on the Gulf. The soil is pure white sand, so we built raised beds using 2 x 12s and filled the boxes with a mix of potting soil, mushroom compost, and peat moss. We water twice a day and fertilize regularly. Other vegetables have done a lot better, we had great lettuce before it got hot, and we have really nice eggplants and a variety of peppers. All a great success, but the tomatoes are a bust.

Any ideas what is wrong and how we might be able to fix it? I sure like fresh garden tomatoes; itÂs killing me to see those plants full of fruit just going bad.

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Drainage too fast, not enough nutrient.

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Try picking green and ripen inside the house. It is too hot for tomatoes right now on the gulf. My best ones have afternoon shade.

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This happened to my husband tomatos, they have a calcium deficiency, you can fix that with espom salt 2 Tbls to a gallon of water. Barbra

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kandm(8b coastal alabama)

Get your soil tested.

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