growing Apricots in south

john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)June 3, 2013

I live in the deep south 8b/9 in Mississippi am looking to see if anyone is growing apricots in the deep south and if so what trees are they growing and how is the fruit. I have young trees that I just put in this year don't know if they will make fruit. I have royal and early golden I think the chill hours are low enough for my area not sure this is why I am looking for other people trying to grow apricots in the south. Anny comments will be appreciated

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They need more chill hours than a lot of fruits. Check with your agricultural extension agent, they should know if the ones you have are right for your area, they will know the average number of chill hours, and the trees may have the info on their tags, too. I'm in 9a, and they don't do well here, but I know there's one that will do okay here in 8b, but don't know what it is. If you just put them in, you might not get any fruit this year, and if you do, they probably won't be as good as they will once the plant is established. My neighbor planted one last fall, and it bloomed like crazy , really pretty, but didn't make fruit.

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john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)

thanks for the reply.The ones I have need 500 or less chill hours I had over 600 this year. I was just going to give them a try just for the fun of it.I did not know if anybody had tried and what results they had. Maybe your neighbor will have better luck next year. I think if he did not get enough chill he would not have had any blooms. I know where I live we had a late freeze if that happened to him he would have lost all fruit. Thanks for the reply and hope he dose better next year. Seems like I am always weighting on next year thanks.

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How do you calculate chill hours?

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john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)

There is a lot of info on chill hours I have a site that tells the chill hours for my area. I can't figure them my self. I guess the chill requirements for the trees are from experience. Just go to search on top of page and type in chill hours and go you will get the info you need I hope.

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