Scottish Heather

Kilted_1June 15, 2013

I was wondering if anyone knows if Scottish Heather can be grown in Texas. I am just 40 miles south of Dallas, I believe it is zone 8, and I'd like to grow it in a partially shaded bed close to the house. My fiancé and I are getting married May 2, 2014 at the Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games, in a somewhat traditional Scottish wedding, and we'd love to have the heather in her bouquet and my boutinnìère and also have the plant as a rememberance of that day.
I know it normally blooms July to October, so if it can be grown, is there a way to trick it into flowering early if kept indoors?

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Not going to be a good choice for you, unfortunately - too hot, too dry, too alkaline a soil. And virtually impossible to grow successfully indoors.

It is not out of reason that a florist could obtain some in bloom for wedding flowers but growing a plant yourself as an ongoing reminder is not going to be very practical.

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Thanks. I guess she and I will have to go with choice 2 for the plants; calas with a few sprigs of the heather. We are both originally from the New England area and I knew it grew there, just didn't realize that it couldn't be grown indoors here.

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I'm sorry I couldn't offer the answer you were hoping for :-( As a good rule of thumb, plants which grow outdoors happily in the northern hemisphere - like the heather - make terrible houseplants. They dislike indoor conditions because they offer insufficient light, too low humidity and too even temperatures (no distinct seasons or dormant period for vernalization). They typically dry up and die in just a matter of weeks.

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