Espalier fruit choices

kate2008June 29, 2008

I just moved to Navarre a week ago (Pensacola area) and I have three areas against the dark brick walls of my house for fruit espalier.

1- south side morning sun and some small amount of afternoon sun but shaded by a short overhang of the roof all day two feet against the house.

2-west side of house- afternoon sun

3- east side of house with morning sun.

My question is what will grow in an espaliered form in these areas? I am 1 1/2 blocks from the East Bay, so there is a bit of salt in the air when the wind picks up. The soil is, of course, acidic sand. I am building beds with organic matter- lots of mulch.

I had hoped to try pears but my local nurseryman says that pears grow 25-30 feet. How do they do it in Europe where I have seen lots of pear espalier?- Maybe they grow more vigourously here.

I thought to grow figs but some people say that figs are too vigourous for espalier.

Does anyone on this list have any experience or suggestions?


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Kate, not sure if you'll see this message. I tried to see if you had an email connection from your member page but I didnt' see one. I have started 2 apple espalier trees, Freedom and Liberty. I am in north MS however, and not sure if they would grow there, becoz apples need some cold.
I would check with the county agent, master gardeners, or whatever university is close to you that might have an ag program (horticulture or agricultural extension service). You might even google espalier+fruit+florida and see what comes up. There are regular, semi-dwarf, and dwarf varieties of many apple and pear and other fruit trees. You would probably want the dwarf varieties. They are harder to find at stores or nurseries but can be ordered online from various growers. I think citrus would work for you, lemon, orange, satsuma? I think fig would work, I have a fig I am deciding if I will espalier or let grow large. You can keep it a certain size by the pruning process. Good luck.

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