Houston/Gulf Coast Blueberries

blueboy1977(TX9A/B)July 14, 2012

Is anyone here from the Houston area or Gulf Coast ingeneral growing Blueberries??? If so what kind of varieties and what have been your experiences growing them? Good and bad???

Im in the south Houston area, Seabrook to be exact and have 12 varieties of Southern High Bush Blueberries and 7 varieties of Rabbiteye Blueberries for a total 40 something plants. Not sure on the exact number of plants but way more than I need. I have several of the same varieties and may be interested in trading for a variety I dont have. These plants bit me like a bug and I cant stop collecting them. Its kind of a sickness I think!!!

Later, Rob

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john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)

there is a forum at GARDEN WEB just for gulf coast guarding they might respond quicker I did not know for a while that they had so many different forums look at top of page and click on forums see how many they have.I hope this might help.

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Sounds like you need lots of acidic mulch such as pine needles, etc. as well as acidic fertilizer

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

Yeap, they love acidic soils.

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hementia8(8 MS)

The recomended varieties for the lower south are brightwell,premier,climax,tiffblue,powderblue and alapaha

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I recently planted a SharpBlue southern highbush. I live on the Texas coast. It's supposed to require 200 chill hours and is one of only two blueberry plants I could find with such a low chill hour requirement. (The other is Sunshine Blue.) Won't know until next year whether it produces berries.

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Buchanan's in the Heights has a lot of blueberries that are bred for our area. They are sold every year at all of the Master Gardener fruit tree sales, too. And there are other nurseries that carry them, they aren't too hard to find, but you do have to read the labels. I don't grow them and don't know the varieties, but there are a lot to choose from now.

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Rob, I've always been interested in growing blueberries. I'm near Houston, too. I have nearly 100% sun though there is some amount of shade under or near my trees. I am willing to amend my soil however much works really. I often make my own mulch even...

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Did you find this website - fruits for East Texas?


From Texas A&M extension office

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