Parker, FL - When do I plant tomato seedlings in spring?

sherilou_2010(8)July 9, 2011

Hello! :) I'll be new to the Parker, Fl area this fall... when do you plant your tomato and pepper seedlings outside in the spring? Thank you for your help!

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Welcome to the neighborhood! Email me and we can talk. Parker is blessed with sandy, acid soil. There is a compost-by-the-truckload place in Callaway. I started 10 years ago with lasagna-style raised beds. I throw in junk mail, coffee grounds, and anything else I can find. We live down near the bay, and most years do not have a frost, but I think tomatoes need a certain amount of sunlight to get kick-started. March 15 is a good time to get tomatoes, green beans and other summer vegetables going here. Will you be north of Cherry Street? They sometimes get frosts up there that we don't get down south (2 miles closer to the bay). This sounds silly, I can tell, but it makes a big difference. Will you be transferred here temporarily with the military, or are you moving here as a "final resting place"? Building up garden soil is a long-term, proposition, but if you will only be here a couple of years, you will need Compost R Us. I know gardening makes you want to have results.

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Yea! A new garden friend already!!! I'll email you. GREAT tips... thank you!

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