Norfolk Island Pine

isabella__MA(z5_MA)July 16, 2008

Does anyone have this unique and architectural "pine" growing in their yard?

I'm from the northeast, but my folks live in the coastal bend, and I'm visiting. They wanted this plant to replace a older mesquite tree (>30 years) that fell over during the last wind storm. That tree was in the front yard and along a somewhat busy neighborhood road. Interestingly, and unrelated totally, all of the palm trees along the other side of the road have fallen over during the last 2 decades. The shallow curve is hard to see when coming at night, and the trees don't jump out of the way.

I have researched the plant, but some first hand knowledge from other gardners is always the best advice.

Some other facts about the location.

USDA zone 9/10 (Flour Bluff, Texas).

The soil is typically grey clay, and the site is in full-sun. No other pests that I know of in the area (besides the drunk driver...). Also the planting site is about 40 feet from the front of the house.


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They grow all over the place here. Fairly deep root system but tropical storms/hurricanes have a tendency to knock off the tops or topple the tree. Salt tolerant. They get HUGE here. And fairly quickly. I planted a 3' tall one about 10-11 years ago and it is now close to 30' tall.
Tally HO!

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Beachplant, thanks for the feedback.

Priced out some in the nursery (8' tall for $300). Too hot to plant in July, but if it grows so fast. I'll get them a smaller plant.

There are a few around Corpus Christi, but not much taller than 30 feet. It must have been a recent nursery introduction to the area or the frequent hurricanes and high winds have kept them small.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

We have lots of them growing over here in Rockport, and they can and do get very big. I planted one in my yard a few years ago, and it is growing very fast. I think that you would be better off getting a smaller one because it will adjust easier to the planting. I would wait until this fall to plant one.

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wannab(8b & 4a)

They grow well in the Foley Al. area. Isn't that the same plant (tree) that BIG BOX Stores sell, decorated with red ribbons for Christmas Trees? We got ours from them and after Christmas we planted it outside. It was around $20. for a five foot tree, a few years ago, which is a very far cry from $300. for an 8 ft tree. Ours grew much faster and larger then our space allowed, so we had to remove it. It withstood 19 degree weather, one year, with no problem.

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We have them in Sarasota Florida and they get enormous. We have one in our yard that is about 65 ft tall. Also be aware that they are very messy. They shed constantly and very little will grown under them. In fact, if you don't remove the mess it literally piles up under the tree.

I wouldn't recommend it unless they have a huge yard. And yes they do grow fast. Buy one at Christmas for $25 - if you must have one.

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There aren't any that tall in Corpus Christi, Tx. It is an attractive tree, and next time I'm visiting the folks I'll be planting it.

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vegie-sue(zone 8-9)

I have one here in the Corpus area in my front yard. I'll be decorating it for Christmas. It's growing fast and I never water it.

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