Replacement for heather in the South

texjagman(7A)August 24, 2009

I'm much more comfortable in the Conifer forum and this is probably an old question. So please be patient with me.

I'm in the process of putting in a large new conifer bed and trying to imitate many of those gorgeous northern and European conifer gardens who all use heathers for whispy color and beauty mixed amongst the conifers.

I'm in humid Oklahoma. Asking those that specialize in the plant I wish I could grow, what would you say is the best or closest appearing replacement to heather for us here in the south?

thx Mark

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I should have said, I'm going for a look something like this:

thanks again...Mark

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I don't know where my head is at today. I'm not in 8b, I'm in 7a.

Sorry about that.

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this answer is probably WAY too late, but i'd say try erica darleyensis. that's what i have here in hot, humid north carolina. it does well here.

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While not as colorful, you could try some of the Ephedras. They have whipcord twigs and fleeting crops of red berries.
Some have a good blue green aspect. They are slow but sure from seed.
There are many dwarf great plains natives that would be very colorful and more certain of success. I'm thinking Opuntias and mat forming composites. Claude Barr named some of the better forms of these natives. Scott Ogden has written some good books covering Texas plants and soils.

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