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marricgardensJuly 14, 2012

I plan to make some crosses but I think it may be to hot for them to take. Would any crosses I make take in temperatures over 30C? Today its 35C. I did read here somewhere about when it's to hot but I can't remember what that temp. is. Marg

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Well, the good news is there's no harm in trying.

They won't be as successful in hotter temperatures (I don't think there's a magic number), but if you're really wanting to get some success, you can try shading the pollinated blooms. If anything is potted, move it to a cool location (indoor perhaps).


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Julia NY(6)

I've heard that 70 to 75 F is ideal but, I try no matter what the temp except 90's F.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

Marg, you have nothing to lose except a little time. Do it and see what happens...Ellie

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Well, yesterday after I posted I thought I might as well try. I waited til later in the day when it was a bit cooler and made two crosses, now we'll see what happens. It's always nice to hear what others think tho. Thanks. Marg

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