What variety of heather is this?

esther_bSeptember 4, 2013

Sorry I don't have a pic, but I just got a small plant at Home Depot marked "Calluna". No varietal name. It has beautiful green scaled stalks and vertical mauvy-pink flowers. The young man at the cash register looked it up (although I can't find it on the Home Depot website) and said it won't get more than about 7-10" high. Does anyone have any idea what exact variety of "Calluna" this is? What growing conditions does it like?


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It is impossible to tell from that limited amount of information - there are multiple hundreds of varieties of Calluna vulgaris and many of them fit that description :-) A photo would be more helpful but even that's no guarantee on a correct ID.

True heathers - all varieties of Calluna vulgaris - like acidic, rich and well-draining soils in lots of sun. They are hardy to zone 4 at least. They need plenty of regular water to get established but after that, they can be quite drought tolerant. They should be pruned back annually after the bloom cycle or in very early spring.

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