coreopsis question

colleenswJuly 12, 2013

I planted threadleaf coreopsis in my 'meadow' garden and it has not been doing well. It grows tall, but just a few blooms and then the leaves start turning brown from the bottom, up. Any advice?
I watered them more initially, then intermittently but it hasn't seemed to help. Could wind and high temps be causing them to falter?

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Maybe too hot and humid.

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I never had a problem in my flower beds but never did try to grow them in the meadows. They can take over in a flower bed even near the coastal area. They got long and sprawled all over my flower bed with lots of blooms all summer long. In rich soil they even grew quite tall with a thick trunk. That was in the Freeport area so that is as far south as you are. It might be you got the wrong variety. I stopped saving seeds as back then I did not know how many people would enjoy flower seeds of so many types.

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