Growing Jalapenos through the Summer

petrock1963July 26, 2013

I had a good crop of peppers in the spring but now that the temps are in the mid 90's by day and upper 70's by night they have quit producing. The plants appear to be healthy. This year I want to carry the plants through the summer and shoot for a fall crop. In the past I have normally just started with new plants for the fall but these seem to be doing good. Any advice or experiences would be appreciated. SE Texas coast.

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Just keep them watered, peppers do not produce when night temps are above 70. Once the nights start to cool the plants will start to produce again. No need to cut it back or anything just make sure you pick any ripe peppers.

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Ok thanks sambo. So far I have refrained from any cutting back. With any luck we will maybe start seeing some cooling temps in another month or so.

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