Fall Garden

jettylady(z8a)August 31, 2011

Happy end of summer to all. It has been a great, although hot one here in Port Aransas. I have finally found a place to have a garden here and want to start things for the fall garden. I have only been here since March, so I am not that familiar with the dos and don'ts. Hows about some help as to when and what will be good in this area? Thank you and happy trowlling!

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Is that on the Island near Corpus? It can't have much for cold-weather gardening there.

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Check with your local extension agent first. You can grow most cole plants, greens, herbs, root vegetables and lettuce.
You can also start your tomatoes and peppers in pots to transplant when the weather starts to warm up about Feb-Mar depending on what and when. Many tomatoes are transplanted with protection in the early spring here [ in wire cages with plastic wrap for protection against the wind and cool nights from time to time] If you do not many years within a few weeks it could get too hot for tomatoes to produce.

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Not sure how your climate compares to ours but we have the best luck with lettuce and broccoli. And we are trying strawberries this winter as well.

We usually put in some cabbage, collard greens, the usual winter stuff but the lettuce and broccoli are always the most productive.

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