fall garden in houston

houstongardener09August 6, 2011

hi everyone. this fall i plan on having a vegetable garden and trying some unusual things like quinoa and basically lots of cover crops mixed with edibles. so my question is when would i start planting things like wheat, quinoa, clover, poppies, and onions? i have seed for hard red winter wheat and white sonora, multi-hued quinoa, crimson clover, flanders poppy, and red creole onions. i also want to grow non-dormant alfalfa, salad greens, beans, broccoli, and alpine strawberries. i also have a few more questions, like will the crimson clover be able to handle some rather heavy soil? and my plan with the strawberries is to shade them with tall plants like sorghum in the summer. will this work? and also when should i start artichokes for a houston garden? i picked out a purple variety that is heat tolerant from baker creek. anyways, thanks everyone

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Is autumn coming this year to Texas?

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Texas has a website for all counties with extension agents you can contact. Not sure what county you live in being in the Houston area covers quite a few counties. There should even be a brick and mortar building where you can go for additional helps they should be in your local phone book. They also have classes on being a Master Gardner.

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I planted quinoa a week or so ago and I'm in the Houston area, too. I found this thread and wondered if you'd had any success.

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