wanted: looking for rare/heirloom....peppers/tomatoes/beet/squas

pawlow05(5-6 WNY)February 1, 2010

Hi all,

I am looking for these seed types (all on Slow Food's Ark of Taste). If anyone has any of these seed types, I would be very interested. I have some seeds to trade. Thanks in advance.


Early Blood Turnip-Rooted Beet


Beaver Dam Pepper

Bull Nose Large Bell Pepper

Fish Pepper

Hinkelhatz Hot Pepper

Jimmy Nardello's Sweet Italian Frying Pepper

Sheepnose Pimiento

Wenk's Yellow Hot Pepper


Algonquain Squash

Amish Pie Squash (pumpkin)

Boston Marrow Squash

Canada Crookneck Squash

Green-Striped Cushaw

Sibley Squash


Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato

Burbank Tomato

Chalk's Early Jewel Tomato

Djena Lee's Golden Girl Tomato

German Pink Tomato

Livingston's Globe Tomato

Livingston's Golden Queen Tomato

Orange Oxheart Tomato

Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Red Fig Tomato

Sheboygan Tomato

Sudduth Strain Brandywine Tomato

Valencia Tomato

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I sent you an email.


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pawlow05(5-6 WNY)

Hi Botanicat,

For some reason, my email on this forum doesn't come through. You can send an email through my regular server. Email me at pawlow05@potsdam.edu. Thanks, hope to make a trade. I'll also try to email you.


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