Landscaping ideas for bubbling rock feature

kelyn(9)August 3, 2011

I installed a water feature which includes a bubbling rock, short stream and patio with seating wall. Would like help with landscaping around them. The raised beds are already in place. I was thinking of shades of green with only white flowers. Any ideas for the large white planter on right? I was thinking here of a dwarf pomegranate. I do need shade on the left side of water as that�s where the sun goes down. The purpose would be to help reduce algae.

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Will you use chlorine or bromine in the water?

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I actually have been using Fountec because my primary purpose is to help out the birds and Fountec is supposed to be safe.My water runs very clear with the Fountec. I only had algae stains on the support boulder. There's a natural depression in the stone that holds water and I only run the fountain for a few hours a day.
I clean the boulder using a very small amount of bleach and water, but I don't let the bleach run into the creek. I just soaked it up. What is the bromine for?

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