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bugbite(z9a FL)September 27, 2010

Problem: The problem with buying from real seed wholesalers is that for about the same price as retail sites or local stores you get 5 times to 20 times more seeds. Their packs are bigger. What are you going to do with all those extra seeds?

Solution: Split your seeds in quarters and keep 1/4 and exchange with others who also use a seed wholesaler as their seed source. This way for the same price as retail you get to try so many more plants.

We are 3 members who are splitting our recent orders and we would like to add one more person.

If you are interested email me at:

I will email a wholesaler pricelist and tell you what us three ordered so far.

Incidentally I was spoiled by this wholesaler because they had, by far, the best germination on their seeds (guess they are fresher?, stored better? don't know.)


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If they're priced the same as local sources, where's the advantage?

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bugbite(z9a FL)

Good question. They are a lot cheaper. I grabbed one example, not the best, but I like Cora Vinca.

I just searched a big site on the web.
Their price is $3.95 for 20 seeds.
Big Wholesaler: $4.60 for 100 seeds.
With a four person split you get 25 seeds for $1.15.

Well, one more example: Salvia, Lady In Red
Big Site on the web:$4.95 for 75 seeds
Big Wholesaler $5.25 for 500seeds
There are many, many better examples that blew me away. You would just have to check the items you like to see what I mean. Incidentally you can buy from them and use the extra seeds, no splitting.
Also, the company I use carries 8000 types.
Any way we have our four people and are doing the splitting right now. I am mailing mine to all tomorrow.

I got an email from a 5th person and told her I would keep the post open incase 3 other people want to join her.

But our specific swap in closed.
Thanks for the question,

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bugbite(z9a FL)

Our trade went very well. Had a great sharing experience with some wonderful people.
I was contacted by 2 others who want to do the same. It works best with 4 people.
If you are interested email me at
I will pass your name to these two people.
PS. The link gets you to the site. Click on the online catalogue. Then at the bottom, click the "save" ion for an easy to use PDF.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pricelist

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