WANTED: Antique Christmas Cactus

floridabear(10b)March 16, 2007

I am in a desperate search for one of the original 'Christmas Cactus'. My plant that was over 100 years old finally died under my care a few years ago and I have been searching for cuttings,small plants of an old variety to replace it and start my own 'heirloom plant to pass along in the family. Doesnt anyone have OLD Christmas Cactus anymore? Some one must have the original plant that all these new hybrids came from. I know I dont have much listed in my trade list..if anything. But I am willing to pay postage or swap rooted chalice vine cuttings,fantasy african violet leaves, Vigna Caracalla seeds?

I use to have many stapelias,but I am rebuilding my collection now and have little to trade. But I am open to suggestions to get some OLD cuttings. Thank you.

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yramesor(South Carolina)

I don't know how old the original was but I have some white Christmas Cactus plants that came from my mother's plant. She died 3 yrs ago & had this plant for as long as I can remember. I also have an angel wing begonia that came from my grandmother's plant. She died in 1988 & the cousins have had cuttings from it going ever since. Will gladly swap with you. What color african violet?

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lorettad(z6 AR)

I just discovered this post. Did you ever find a source for the original christmas cactus? I have one that came from my grandmother's cactus. It is just now getting ready to bloom. I would be glad to share cuttings.

Thanks Loretta

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Hello, I have been looking for some of the original 'Christmas Cactus's'....for some reason they are calling all the newer ones "Christmas Cactus"...Well !!!! they are NOT Christmas Cactus, they are Thanksgiving cactus.....the original does NOT have 'teeth' on the leaves, they have scallops! not teeth.....I have one of the Original ones, & it is RED (with Scallops) I do have an Extra one ....if you are interested. Where to you live???Patt

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I lost my great Grandma's 70 year old catus this year when I was sent east for two weeks to work on a store and the furnace and pipes froze. I did shut the water off at the well thanks to past issues. Can't say no in these times. I went to a garden center looking for help in finding one when I could not find one on line and they did everything they could to tell me not to look for the old ones. Does anyone have a link to get one or want to sell one to me?
Michael J.

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Anyone still looking for starts?

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