Best Soil for Organic Citrus Growing

micromanintx(9b)September 6, 2013

Hi all in Gulf Coast Area:
Am soon starting-up a grove(MS)(in full sun) of citrus, and want to know what are the NPK requirements for organic growing. Particular MINERALS/levels also?
I am a retired microbiologist, so DO know about soil chemistry,etc..
Thanks! John, now in Texas

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Is this standard citrus or Satsumas?

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I live in the Houston area and they do fine without much of anything here. They do need well drained soil more or less. They do like organic food twice a year if possible but I have not fed my satsuma for 5 years and still get a good harvest.

Your best bet would be to check with your extension agent for more information or go to the Texas A&M garden web site as I see you say you are now in Texas?

The Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit can get to be very large trees here and will need plenty of room.

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