Best spot for Fuyu Persimmon? 25, 2013

Hello! I am a new homeowner in Mobile County, Alabama, who is enjoying having a yard to fill with beautiful and use things.

Yesterday I bought a Fuyu persimmon, and I am trying to decide where to place it. I have two possible spots on the south side of my house. The main difference is that one spot (Option 1 in the picture) is closer to the house and enclosed by the fence. Option 2 is in my front yard.

Option 2 was my first idea, and it is still my preference. However, a friend suggested I might want the tree inside the fence to discourage people from stealing the fruit.

My question here, then, is this: are there any advantages *other* that deterring theft to keeping the tree nearer the house and inside the fence? If not, I'll probably go with Option 2. However, since I am new to having yards and planting trees, I thought I would ask some more experienced gardeners.

Many thanks!


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wisner_gw wisner

Having it behind a fence might be a good idea. Good luck with it.

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bamacrazy(8b Mobile, AL)

Behind the fence! I live in midtown. Both my neighbor and I have Satsumas in our front yard. This was the first year that mine were bearing a good crop. Three weeks befor the fruit was ripe someone stripped every single green satsuma off both trees.

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Squirrels love them so be sure you provide plenty of water as they go for the moisture and thereby destroy a lot of fruit just for the added moisture.

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