Peppers not fruiting

SwampSlugSeptember 4, 2013

So, I live in New Orleans and it was a pretty mild summer by NOLA standards. I have these two pepper plants, one is a habanero and the other is a trinidad moruga scorpion. I have grown both of them from seed. I started with 4 of each as seedlings under lights and after hardening them off only these two survived. They've been growing all summer but only recently started to put out flowers. The flowers on both are profuse but neither has set fruit yet. I've been told that the pollen on pepper plants becomes sterile at temps above 95 degrees and while it occasionally goes above that it hasn't been so hot as to stifle pollination, especially on the moruga. I had some cherry tomatoes that were producing like crazy that I pulled recently to make room for fall crops. They didn't have any problem setting fruit and I still see plenty of bees in the veggie patch so I'm a bit baffled as to why the flowers aren't turning into peppers...

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wisner_gw wisner

I would give them more time and maybe this month when it cools off they will start setting fruit. Also, if you are fertilizing them I would cut back on the nitrogen. You may be able to keep them growing all winter if you protect them from the cold.

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Better late than never ... I have found a little miracle that adds tremendous boost to my Sweet and Hot Pepper Plants. I live in Victoria, Tx. just a 100 more miles down the coast from Houston, Tx. I apply 1/2 cup of "epson salt" (ya know the stuff to soak or sniff your achey nose joints with) when I start a new Pepper Plant just below the base (dry salt). I add 1/2 cup (dry) just worked in at the base of the plants every couple weeks during growth. I never had any Peppers either, or they were small and few, until I found this out. Now I cant stop my Sweet & Hot Peppers from packen it on. You grow your Peppers this way, and they will produce quality & quantity HUGE peppers. Add to that some regular humus under them with a gentle garden fertilizer (dry at the base), sprinkle occassionally with some green tea or miracle grow (with a drop of liquid dish soap and a half cup cola- per gal when watering), and step back. 'EPSON SALT' is the magic fertilizer that puts the pop in Pepper Plants ! It is basically all they need. Contrary to misbelief, all Pepper Plants require plenty of watering. Now You Know :-) Have fun. GOD Bless *note - too many hot peppers in your diet is not good. I have (2) 16' raised beds dedicated to 60 different Sweet and Hot Pepper Plants (packed in tight). I use the Sweet Peppers in place of salt in my diet and I find it very satisfying. They survive yr aft yr if you just pile all your clippings around them (almost entirely covered) until Spring is back. There is a spray you can purchase called "Tomatoe & Pepper SET" brand - ferti-lome, adds to larger Tomatoe and Pepper production & earlier harvest, It sets fruit on the flower blossoms. I pay about $6.50 lasts me a few yrs. You add this to the growing style above, I dont see how you could go wrong ! Hope this helps. *TIP: Try a couple of Tums (only Tums anti-acid) and 1/2 cup Oatmeal (raw) under your Tomatoe Plants when sowing them in (plant or seed). I like NON-GMO seed (organic) heirloom, start the seed indoors, get them long and tall as I can wait, then trench them in laid down instead of a single balled root, I get a ft of root growth, which I probably dont need to descibe the additional benefits that adds to the produce ! Helps prevent blossom-end rot : grey spot (which is another spray available). I hear that human urine (diluted 40/1 water) added with a small amount of wood ash will even increase upon all that extra Tomatoe produce.

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Your Welcome :-)

PS.. That cost ya a single serving packet of "SeaPort" coffee (instant will be alright) :-) Cant get that Cajun Greatness here. Pop me one in the snail shoot will ya please ! tanx

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