HAVE: Heirloom Garlic Plants for Flower Bulbs

catsoup(zone 6)March 16, 2006

My Mother-in-Law gave me a start of this garlic probably 30 years ago. Her Mother-in-Law gave them to her I don't know how many years before that. I have both the garlic plants or the little bulblets that are produced on the top of the garlic in the late summer and fall. I am looking for flower bulbs hardy in zone 6. I love the pink daffodils if anybody has some to trade. If not, please let me know what you have to trade.

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I would love to try your garlic! I do not have pink daffodils but I do have:

Lotus seeds (yellow)
grape tomato seeds
double datura seeds
canna tubers (king humbert)
yellow daffodils (blooming now ready to be dug!)
dwarf sunflower seeds
black eye susan vine seeds

Please lemme know!


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grape vine starts, white may blooming vintage rose (single petal),pink fairy rose, bags of rabbit droppings great for the garden, vintage strawberry starts (got to taste them) way to many seeds to list, walking onion, I do not know what they are called but its a early bulb flower that is blue,purplish and it comes on in the early spring most beautiful to plant in your lawn to signal springs arrival and then they are gone before your first mowing of the lawn,but great multiplier and it leaves waves of purple/blue bell like flowers dancing in the spring wind and rain oh and the leaf looks kinda like grass (I love them)...surprise flower can not remember its name either this is a large bulb that has only leafs in the spring and early summer and then a stalk shoots out after the leafs have gone bursting in to a beautiful shade of light pink, trumpet looking flower in a set of three on each stalk approx. 18" high,...yellow and purple iris, mamosa tree seeds,these are smaller trees with a pink poofy flower (really quite nice),well if you r looking 4 something special this year let me know and thanks I would love some garlic

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would love to have some of these, I have a few kinds of flowering bulbs... check out my list, to see if I have any you may want...

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