HAVE: Cades Cove Greasy Back Beans

SmokyMist(7 East TN)April 4, 2008

There is history with these bean seeds. This is an heirloom that originated in Cades Cove, and these seeds actually came from there . This name is what they came with, and i've done a little research on it, and it falls in line with the bean that was grown by the settlers and indians in that area .This particular bean was passed down through generations. My brother, who works up in the Smoky Mountains( at the visitor's center)received this seed last winter, from people he knew that worked on up in the Cades Cove Area. He gave it, with a story , to my mother, who grew several rows of it in the summer of 2007, just to harvest the seeds. It was not grown around any other beans.

I'm wanting to do a couple of trades for other heirloom seeds for her. I have trades of 25 seeds, but not many. I can also trade you any of my seeds, and there are a couple of heirlooms in there. I think she would be most interested in heirloom beans, or corn, but would take a look at anything.

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I have different varieties of beans and corn and herbs that are heirlooms that I could trade.
I have Turkey Craw bean, Cherokee bean, Potato Bean, Anasazi Bean... Limited amount of Bloody Butcher corn, Earth Tones dent corn, Ohio Blue Claridge corn.
I am looking for Tanacetum balsamita (Costmary) or Bible Leaf plant. It has a smell like bubblegum. It is an heirloom. People used to put a leaf in their bible to mark their place. Also used in baking and flavoring ale.
I am also looking for a Calacanthus (Bubby bush) sprout. The old timers used twigs of it to brush their teeth. It has an allspice taste. the flowers are dark red-to brown.I am originally from near your area, but am in WV now.

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I would like some of your mom's beans so would u be willing to trade some of the beans for some snail vine plants an campanula plants, not seeds? I do have some strawberry popcorn an Indian Corn if your interested. TIA, trudyjean

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I'm getting some purple podded pole beans. They're from the Ozarks. My mother in law grows them, but I had no idea they were heirlooms, and I'm getting the beans from a trade.

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Would love to trade some Big White Greasy beans that came from Haywwod County, NC where I live...

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