Magnolia trees in South Texas

texas_lawn_ranger(9bTX)October 26, 2009

Does anybody know who has magnolia trees for sale in South Texas (Corpus Christi area)? Years ago we bought four small trees from Wal-mart of all places. One died, one is hanging on, and the other two are doing just fine. I would like to buy more trees at a reasonable price and plant them in my small five acre tract. The two healthy trees produced beautiful flowers this year.

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Have you tried Fox or Turners? Would think both Lowes and Home Depot will have them, but probably not till spring. Good luck

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

I think that it is great that you got magnolia trees to grown in south Texas. I love magnolia trees, but remember they like to have acidic soil which most of south Texas doesn't have. When I moved into my house, the former owner had planted one. It was about 6' tall and was still 6' tall with one or two leaves on it 5 years later. So I cut it down. Maybe if you keep your soil amended you can keep them going. And I would check at Turners.

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Itcollins1949 We live in the Richmond Texas area and did live on the Coast and I see them everywhere here. So they sure do find without acidic soil as they grown where no one has lived for years, but they might need help until established.

texas_lawn_ranger you need to contact your local extension agent in your area as they should be the most help. You should have a Master Gardner program in that area also and they usually are a great help also.

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