HAVE: heirloom corn, tomato, onion seeds

lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)May 29, 2006

I have to trade these seeds (all comercial except one)

black krim tomato

german strawberry tomato from a SSE person

tokyo long white bunching onion

texas super sweet onion

Golden Bantam corn

country genteman corn

I also have other items to trade so see my list.

If you are interested in trading, please let me know.

I need sunflowers seeds. I was planting and I spilled most of them. I was so upset! I found out where I spilled them after a few can up, but I could not find the unsprouted ones. See my list for other items I am in search of.

If you do not have anything off my list I might trade for heirloom veggie seeds listed below

blackeye peas

lima beans (small butterbean type)

heat tolerant peas

heat tolerant sweet corn

sweet potato slips - just have to figure out how to grow them first!

peanut seeds that would do well in texas - I have no clue how to grow these either

heat tolerant pole snap beans

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daylilydude(7 Tishomingo Ms.)

Hi !
I've sent you an email.

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lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)


I no longer have the german red strawberry tomato seeds, either of the corns, the onion or the bunching onion. sorry for not updating this sooner. I must not have checked the send e-mails to me box. Ug. I always forget that.

I have updated my list, but I have since learned it is best to post that in the seeds trade list. Sorry for posting in the wrong place. I won't mess up again.


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bluelytes(Washington Stat)

Not sure what I have that you might like, but feel free to check out my trade list and get back to me, ook?

Best Regards;

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lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)

silly me, I thought I posted in the worng place but it is an exchange page.

I no longer have listed items. sorry about that.


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