Making a miniature swamp/ coastal landscape re-creation.

poaky1November 17, 2013

As the title says, I want to make a miniature swamp/coastal landscape recreation. I am in Pa, far from these types of gardening areas. I just thought it would be great to re-create these areas in miniature. I have the things I need to make fake swamp water, a 4-5 inch gator. I have bagged Craft quality "moss" like that which clings to Cypress trees and Live oaks. After that, I am lost. I couldn't find any miniature Cottonmouth snakes, or any mini snakes, actually. I don't mean anything ignorant in this post. I just want to know what other types of plants or anything else I need to add to make a real authentic "Bayou" or swamp to recreate in miniature. Thanks to any replies.

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Umm, what size is this recreation?

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