WANTED: Begging for cowhorn potatos

suenh(4)June 16, 2007

I'm to the point where I'm on my knees begging. I can't find a commercial source. I did find some at the Canadian AG depts potato research center but the box is now hung up in AG limbo even with all the proper paperwork there. I can see it rotting in the Fedex warehouse using their tracking system.

I don't want much. Just enough to get the seed going here again. I can trade some heirloom irises or spiderwort. I could probably chop a chunk out of one of my daylilies.

Maddening watching the potatoes go from New Brunswick, Canada to New Hampshire via Memphis Tennessee and just sit in the warehouse. Figured by the time they clear I'll have black mush.

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Some day, when you have enough to share, could I get some from you to start out here? I am in No. California. By then I will also have some interesting and rare heirloom potatoes to trade. I am growing several varieties from seed I got earlier this Spring.

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If I ever get some I'd be happy to share. They are still in limbo. Really too late in the season here now.

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It may not be too late if you are willing to grow them under plastic. U could make a mock greenhouse and use some hay to mulcm them. It mgiht work, it would be better to try that then waste them IF they ever arrive.
I sure wish I could help you out, but I have never heard of them.

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