Texas Star Seedlings

pete_the_stick(9)November 20, 2013

Hi All, This is my first post and hope it is the first of many. :)
In April 2013 I grew some Texas Star seeds and they grew into small plants..I was a bit disapointed that they did not grow taller, they only grew about 4-5 inches tall.
Anyway, now the cooler weather has arrived along the Gulf Coast of Texas they are dying off.
Should I cut them all back and take them in to the garage or just leave them outside?
Will they actually sprout new growth in the early spring as my 2 year old White Texas Star does??
My Tropical Hibiscus plant cuttings seem to be holding up and some of them are still producing flowers.
All help and advice is greatly received.

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Hi pete,

I would put the seedlings into the garage; I don't remember how fast my red star grew...it's been years ago; and they do come back like the white one.
My Trop. hibiscus usually do come back but I had one that did not survive one brutal winter but then it was still quite new.

I just moved two rooted cuttings (they got frosted! forgot about them on the back patio) inside and trying to baby them back to health.

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I do not cut mine back until they start to send up new shoots in spring. The first year they do not get that tall but the following year they should do fine and set blooms. In your area they should be fine. If they are in the ground they should be left along. They sometimes come back late in the spring-summer time, at least that has been the case for some of mine. If they should happen to not come back there are a lot of members here that would be more than glad to send you more seeds. I have never had a problem with any Texas Star Hibiscus Red or White coming back the following year even those that only got to be a few inches tall by the fall-winter time here in the Houston area. I have never had a problem moving them in the spring just before they start to put on new growth. That is if I want to find a new location for them.

About the only blooms I am enjoying right now are my paper-white daffodils as they start to bloom around Thanksgiving time until into January.

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Hi all, it has been a while since I was last online, as I was in double mourning :(
My beautiful Texas Star hibiscus of two years did not survive the freaky cold winter that we had down hear in the Texas City/Galveston area and my computer died so it's been a struggle these past few months..sob sniff
Anyway on a brighter note, my baby seedlings survived the winter, well 4 out of 10 so that is good news, they are still nothing special but hopefully they will survive the next winter and I shall get some more seeds next year.

Re- Piksi_hk, Thanx for the advice to put my seedlings into the garage, I still lost 6 of the 10 which I had but to me that is success and hopefully next summer I shall be able to harvest some more seeds..I live in hope :)

Re-Wally-1936, I loved all my Daffodils and Tulips when I lived in England unfortunately it is way to hot for them to flower down here without continuously digging them up and leaving them in the bosses fridge for 4 months every winter, also where do I find the list of nice people who will be willing to send me some red texas star hibiscus seeds please.

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I have daffodils that bloom about Thanksgiving and die back until the next fall with no problems. In fact they have become weeds they multiply so fast. I was told they were paper whites but not sure about that. As for the Texas Red Start Hibiscus they produce so many seeds you cannot fine homes for them most of the time. And they can get quite tall in this area, mine may stop blooming as soon as it gets cooler. Then I hope my Confederate Rose Hibiscus will put on some blooms. They can get to be trees here.

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