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scott_thomasville_ga(8b)December 22, 2008

First post, but I have been an avid reader of your forums, obtaining a wealth of information. Haven't had much success in finding an answer for this question, but I am sure it has been asked before and is discussed somewhere in these forums. If someone could point me in the right direction, or provide the answer directly, it would be greatly appreciated.

Need a plant. Could be a bush or small tree. I am zone 8b. Area plant is located receives part sun (morning and early afternoon) during certain summer months, and no direct sun during the winter months. During spring and fall sun will only provide direct sun to outer branches of plant (amount of sun the location receives is affected by sun's locations in sky). Soil is currently 100% potting soil top 12" mixing into native soil further down (minimum clay). Area is raised 2' (drainage a non-issue) above a pond (important note for type of plant and look required). Irrigation is provided (could be drip or spray). Actual available space for plant roots is about 1'x1' area top 12" and increasing in area below the top foot of soil. Area is sheltered on two sides (located in corner of house).

What I am looking for:

Bush or small tree to fit in a somewhat tropical setting (I like ferns and palms, but am open to other suggestions). Height no greater than 6'-8', and no less than 4'. The plant will be a focal point located on top of a small waterfall with a 2' statue directly in front. So lower leaves need to be at least 2' above the ground, not to interfer with the statue/fountain. Would prefer to have something that hangs over the top of the statue. I don't mind doing regular trimming to keep the plant desired height and look. I want something that once it is in the ground, will stay there. Width is not a big issue, as there is are no other plants competing for space where this plant will be located. Would love something evergreen, but do not believe that is realistic. Again, some type of small palm, large fern bush, or small fern tree. I think that about covers requirements.

Thank you


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Chamaedorea microspadix or radicalis.

Camellia sasanqua, Feijoa sellowiana...

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Thank you for the suggestions. Those are along the lines of what I am in search of. With the exception of the pineapple guava. Had one of those sitting in a pot for several months, was afraid of the eventual size. It is currently residing in my neighbor's yard 3 houses down. I also have this post up over at the landscaping forum, seems to be getting a little more activity over there.


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