What is that wonderful smelling hedge called that is blooming now

gulfbeach47(NW Fl.)November 5, 2008

Sorry, I ran out of space for my question. I live in Pensacola. Trying to find out the name of the hedge that blooms this time of year. It has clusters of tiny speckled white flowers and the fragrance is to die for. You can smell it from 50 feet away. The hedge is very popular at local businesses.Great border plant. It loves sun, grows very thick and I have seen it at least 15 feet high when left alone to grow wild, even at the beach. The name is long and I think sounds latin? I have seen it at Wal-mart, Lowes etc.. Anyone have a clue what this plant is called? Thanks in advance.

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I think it is Osmanthus fragrans, commonly called sweet olive or tea olive. If you search it on Floridata, you will find the info. Too bad they are tender here in North Mississippi, I miss them from south Louisiana.

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gulfbeach47(NW Fl.)

Laurie, Thanks for your reply.That plant looks pretty similar but is not it. It does not have that many flowers in it's clumps and they are not bunched up together, but more spread out. By the look of the leaves, they could be related, but I know for sure that I have never seen it called "Osmanthus fragrans, commonly called sweet olive or tea olive." The leaves can also have a silver like look at least at this time of the year. It will bloom for a week or so. After going to your links I looked under scented hedges, white flowered hedges and other types for the gulf coast region and think I found it but the name still seemed different. But this site describes the plant "Eleagnus" very well.I forgot to mention that after the tiny white speckled flowers bloom there are brown football shaped fruit or seed?
http://www.skinnernurseries.com/plants/Eleagnus.aspx Latin Name: Eleagnus x ebbingii
Common Name: Eleagnus
Family: Eleagnaccae
Height: 15
Width: 15
Foliage: Light green above, metallic sheen below
Form: Upright and open
Texture: Medium
Flower: Small, silver - white, early fall
Fruit: Brown to red drupe, not significant
Exposure: Sun - Partial Shade
Growth Rate: Fast
Salt Tolerance: Good
Soil Conditions: Moist,Well Drained
Hardiness Zones: 6,7,8,9
Pest/Diseases: None serious
Cultivars: N/A
Uses: Banks, hedges, highways, natural barriers

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Eleagnus gets huge. The berries are also favorites of birds, and so they spread thru our natural areas, crowding out native plants. Invasive exotic. Shame that some highway departments are still using them.

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islandmanmitch(z 8/9 FL)

We use to call them Silverberry and ate the fruit. If you try to eat one make sure they are well ripen or they will make you pucker like a green persimmon. They also make excellent jelly.

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