Gift Ideas for a Gardener

Katie93December 2, 2011

I'm trying to think of ideas for a Christmas gift for my father. He has been doing a lot of gardening for the last several years. He spends about an hour every morning out working in the garden before work, but doesn't have great luck with his plants. I was thinking something for his garden would be a good idea. I don't really want to go the gift card route. If there was something he really wanted in my price range (I'm thinking around $75-$100), he could easily buy it for himself. I also probably don't want to do a book or video either unless is something very highly recommended that could help him with his specific issues. My first choice would be a useful gadget that he wouldn't already have or something along that line. I saw an article on the internet yesterday with gardening gift ideas, and the only thing on it that I liked at all was some copper plant labeling stakes, but I hoping you all might have some better ideas.

Here is some info on his set up. They live on the Sound, and his garden starts only about 20 feet away from the salt water. His plants probably also have to deal with more wind than is ideal being so close to the water, though there are plenty of grass, shrubs, and trees nearby that do just fine. I think he also has some trouble with parasites like aphids and white flies.

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How about an Earth Box? My father made a bunch of home-made ones, and grows tomatoes and bell peppers in them every year. These containers don't dry out as easily as regular pots with trays, and they can be positioned away from the salt spray.

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