HAVE: strawberries

catrinaOctober 19, 2008


OOPS sorry about that it was supposed to be HAVE strawberries

I'm making room in the green house and I have strawberries to trade. These are still lush and green even though I live in z4 because they were in the greenhouse. Also have lipstick ornemental strawberries and I may still be able to trade some of the other things on my list. http://members.gardenweb.com/members/exch/catrina . Just ask if you see something you want. Some things the foliage has begun to die back. I'm only trading for z4 hardy perenials right now. No more room in the house for things to winter over. Please understand if I have to say no for the following reasons: I already have it, it's pink (sorry not fond of pink), it's not hardy here, or it's really big (I'm planting the late trades in the greenhouse and there is not a ton of room in there). Most interested in named DL's and hostas, but will consider all offers.

I also have the following left from a previous post:

-Tradescantia fluminensis - wandering Jew (green small leaf, green with white stripe large leaf or purple striped large leaf)(cuttings)

-Tradescantia pallida (purple)

-Coleus - green purple and fusha (large rooted or cuttings) *



-bloody dock

-cannas - dark maroon leaves with red flowers very tall

- amaryllis - red with a white star

- scented geranium - apple (rooted)

- night blooming cerus - cuttings

- spider plants - green (babies and full sized plants),

- purple african violets

Thanks for considering this trade!


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