WANTED: Heirloom seeds, Peas or Beans

american_gardener(5b Mich.)October 22, 2007

Hello all...

I'm still a newbie here.. but i would like to make a request.

I would love to find some heirloom seeds, especially Peas or Beans since that is what i want to trade for this deal.

Only reason i'm requesting peas or beans is cause of the weight of shipping. I figure it should be equal for both parties.

What i would like to trade are from about 100 pea varieties that i trialed this last season. Unfortunately we had a severe drought here and early in the season so none of my varieties performed anywhere near what their potential should be. But it was enough for me to find out which i would like to save for next year and which i would like to trade for something else. Also cause of this terrible weather i didn't get to save as many of any variety as i would have liked. In case you are wondering, all my varieties were isolated by at least 50 ft and i used staggered plantings so that rarely were more than 4 or 5 varieties blooming at the same time. Other than that i did no other measures to ensure against cross pollination. But i feel fairly confident most if not all will be genetically pure.

Rather than list my peas on my trade list, i will give you an idea of which ones i would like to swap here:

Amrilissimo Hamisepp (Estonia)

Aspen (Us)

Bolero (US)

Cupido (Netherlands)

Delicate Earliest (US)

Early Abundant (US)

Earligreen (Canada)

Fortuna (netherlands)

Frisky (US)

Ho Laan Tau - Round Yellow (US)

Kiflica (Yugoslavia)


Red Flower No 1 (Malaysia)

Signal (US)

Spirit (US)

Sundance (US)

Sweet Green (US)

Swinger (US)

Trifect (US)

White Flower No.2 (Malaysia)

Worlds Record (US)

Ok those are the one's i'd like to get rid of. Nothing wrong with most of em.. it's just not what i was looking for. I would really love to find new snap peas, and especilly hoping to find some more chinese snow peas. For most of these i'd only have a couple hundred seeds so what i'm hoping is that you could send an equal amount of seed as i send you. If you'd like to trade much more of say your favorite variety for a couple or even several different variety's of mine that would be ok too.

I'd be glad to consider any trades for anything that's not already on my trade list. Hopefully the postage costs would equal out between the two of us. Again especially looking for Pea, bean, and possibly corn swaps for my peas.

Thanks for reading...


Oh.. and if you email me, leave me at least a note here telling me so.. otherwise i may not find your email for months.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's what i already have

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chervil2(z5 MA)

Hello Dave,

I am very interested in trading with you.

Chervil2 - Abbie e-mail chervil02@yahoo.com

Here is a link that might be useful: my trade list

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