Pepper Problem

StPeteGardenerJune 27, 2012

Hey Florida garden webbers, I'm Derek & this is my first post (of many I hope.) My question is about my pepper plants. Some of the new growth on many of them is looking shriveled, tiny and limp (but still green). These leaves do get bigger, but stay somewhat shriveled & downturned. I gave the bed all purpose organic fert and compost before transplanting the peppers, and have side dressed with more compost when fruiting. Any ideas? Will this hurt my pepper production (I have had a few peppers drop prematurely)? Anyway, thanks all!

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insects of some kind maybe...I have chili thrips and that is how mine are all the time. It does defoliate if you don't treat and the fruits will drop or be misshapen. You can take a sample to the extension service on Walsingham - open weekdays only - and they will look at it under the microscope to see what the problem is.

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