Catch-up Post Monday

mantis__ohJuly 15, 2013

These blooms are from the past few days. As everyone knows, much of the country is sweltering. This morning, it was pleasant only till about 9:30 and then I had to retreat inside. Is this typical life in the South? Just at the dog park, I was sweating at 9 p.m.

POP AND PENN Will go in the garden this fall. Colors aren't quite so bright as pic.

BUNNY EYES This oldie has managed to survive the annual culling.

LA DOLCE VITA Moldovan vigor

No, it's not a harmonious color combo, but the WORLDS COLLIDE scape leaned into POINT OF DIVERGENCE

CEDAR WAXWING I Suppose will manage to be here next year.

HEAVENLY ANGEL ICE hasn't been all that great this year.

RAM dwarves other blooms.

The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream. Too short, but at least it's opening well.


SNOW ON THE CHERRY gives nice morning shot

OLD KING COLE is still here


KING OF THE AGES doesn't stand out in the garden the way it does in a photo (at least so far).

Still not caught up, but that's definitely enough for now.

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That is a very nice group you posted today, Mantis.

I like Pop and Penn, and I like your pair, World's Collide and Point of Divergence also. Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful clump of blooms.
And so is Martha Hale. I really like the shades of color in those blooms. Altogether a very pretty posting.

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Nice bunch of blooms you've had in the past few days. Pop and Penn and Martha Hale are probably my favorites, and I'm not familiar with either of them. Your Moldovan clump is impressive. I'd forgotten I tried to grow Bunny Eyes until I saw your photo (long gone now). Heavenly Angel Ice never did much here, either.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

.POP AND PENN is gorgeous, I love that one.WORLDS COLLIDE is a beauty, too.I presume that's the darker one of the two.MARTHA HALE is a beauty, too, looks huge. I like OLD KING COLE too.and That Red one SNOW ON THE CHERRYYou just have so many pretty ones.


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shive(6b TN)

The heat you are experiencing is my usual summer fare. I think Pop and Penn is a very pretty bicolor! Speaking of bicolors, I got rid of my large clump of Old King Cole this spring. I just couldn't stand one more year of that bottom petal never fully opening. My favorite photo is that lovely clump of La Dolce Vita.


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Jean: Martha Hale is not huge, but it is not a small bloom. I like the veining.

Debra: I share your reservations about Old King Cole. It does make a nice splash of color, though. I don't think it will be here too much longer. I also am pleased with La Dolce Vita.

Worlds Collide is making a nice display for a first-year plant.

As for Pop and Penn, we will see what it does in the garden.

Heavenly Angel Ice can be a bit temperamental when divided. I don't really think it deserves the Stout, but it was an important development in spidery blooms.

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Welcome to the world of us poor souls that live in the south. Yes sweating at 9:30 in the morning is normal in Central FL, actually you can start sweating earlier than 9:30. Honestly in the summer you can sweat around the clock. You have a awesome group of daylilies I have to agree with some of the others and pick Martha Hale and Pop and Penn as my favorites.

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juliet11(z7 MD)

Beautiful daylilies! I especially like Martha Hale. It looks almost exactly like Autumn Wood, one of my favorite daylilies. I'd never seen another daylily that looked like Autumn Wood - I guess it isn't as unique as I thought.

Autumn Wood


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Juliet, I'm so glad you posted. I mistakenly labeled the pic as Martha Hale, when in fact it is Autumn Wood. Here is Martha Hale, which is much more pink, but does have the prominent veining too.

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I don't know how I missed not posting. I know I looked at all the pictures, must have been distracted, and moved on. These are all lovely, particularly Autumn Wood. I looked it up on AHS and it is a little shorter than I like, but it is such a beauty, I might have to break down and get it. Also like the humugous RAM, the clump shot of La Dolce Vita, and Pop and Pen--thanks for the eye candy. Avedon

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Julia NY(6)

You did get quite a few pics before retreating. We too are experiencing the hot and humid weather. You last longer than I did outside.
RAM has always been a beautiful bloom. So big and bright. I always thought HEAVENLY ANGEL ICE was a prolific bloomer.


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Julia, my Heavenly Angel Ice was divided last year, so I shouldn't be so hard on it. Ram is such a presence in the garden.

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My favorites today are POP AND PENN and LA DOLCE VITA. I try not to look too longingly at the dormants. How I'd like to have HEAVENLY ANGEL ICE, but afraid it won't survive down here.


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gonegardening(7 VA)

Yes, I must tease a bit (lol)...Heavenly Angel Ice is a huge standout here. Love it! I've also seen it in quite a few gardens and one can pick it out immediately. Do let it settle in and show you what it can do.

Love your bright and colorful pictures.The vivid red of Snow on the Cherry is great. I am having difficulty this year photographing reds accurately and purples, well, forget it (whine, whine). Is it an early morning opener? (I especially love those as I have a much better chance of capturing the color.) I hope so. Anyway, I like your picture!

If I can remember how to use photobucket (don't hold your breath), I will post a photo of Heavenly Angel Ice taken here on 6/26 in way too much sun that shows a taste of what I mean. Thing is still blooming here. Amazing bud count this year.

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Snow on the Cherry is indeed an EMO. By afternoon, though, it shows the effects of sun. I have the most success photographing reds and purples if I do so on an overcast day or during intermittent clouds. Too early, and the colors are frequently off; too late, and the blooms are degraded. Sometimes, you just have to try different times and see whether the colors are true.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I love BUNNY EYES. Well, I like them all but that is my favorite.

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