Seminole Pumpkin

tinamarie60January 9, 2010

2009 was the first year I grew Seminole pumpkins having purchased the seed from Mike Watkins at what was SC Seed Exchange, now Heavenly Seed in South Carolina. I started several seeds late in the season and transplanted them around July in both zones. The plants had very large beautifully mottled leaves. Those I planted in zone 7(a) (Quincy, California - the far-north region of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range - altitude around 3,450') grew as vigorously as those in 8(b) but an early very cold frost killed them even though they were protected by their sister John Haulk corn stalks. The one plant I planted among Bloody Butcher & Kentucky Wonder in zone 8(b) (San Rafael, California - a short distance across the bay from San Francisco) grew very aggressively taking over an area about 20' x 15' before climbing up and over the fence and into the neighbors yard, who incidentally just let it grown. That one late-planted vine produced six variously shaped and sized fruits before a hard frost killed her in early November. At that time, all the fruits she set were dark green which I harvested right after the frost. The frost did not appear to damage the fruits. Expecting a buff coloured squash, and getting a deep green instead, I was starting to wonder if I had actually planted Seminole squash or was inadvertently sent another species. Thanks to all who have contributed here I know that what I planted was Seminole. The five large fruits I have left are turning a lovely buff colour without deterioration of the fruit, at least as of now. I am going to leave the rest to continue to turn and am hoping the sweetness of the fruit will improve. The one small unripe fruit we ate was very meaty, firm and held it shape when cooked in soup, sauteed, and baked. I will be starting my seed in an outdoor cold frame in February. I am hoping to get a yield similar to those others have indicated they get from their plant with it turning buff on the vein. Transplant in zone 7(a) is expected to be mid to late May. Transplant in zone 8(b) will be April.

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Sounds like you had a good experiment with possibilities to do even better this year. A lot of similar squash will be ripe enough before they actually turn buff. But my guess is that you'll find them sweeter when they do get that extra time on the vine. Good luck!

Tahlequah, OK

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Do you happen to have any seeds you could spare? I'm happy to trade something with you. I've posted seeds that I have available to trade on my page, if you care to look. :)

Regardless, I hope you have better luck with the plants this year!

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greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)

This is one of my favorite winter squash. Not that I grow many, I have a small garden. You may find it odd that I grew this monster in my small garden, but, I planted it late and it didn't have time to get too big. We got 6 fruits on this side of the fence and the neighbors got some too. It has such a hard shell that the squirrels could not gnaw into it to get the seeds (they tried). I like Kabocha squash so it is my yardstick - Seminole is as high in quality, not stringy, excellent flavor and it keeps very well and for months (I had one good after a year). It is not too big, not too small and beautiful when it turns buff color.

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