Daylilies This Morning and Garden Shots

avedon_gwJuly 23, 2012

I was out at 7:15 this morning, and a few daylilies were blooming and looking pretty good, so I got the camera. I would say things are winding down, but there are more scapes coming on several of the plants, was really surprised, especially since I counted 11 scapes on Miss Victoria. I thought it was down and out a month ago, but guess the July rain revived it, and must have done the same for all the others. I am going to toss in a couple of garden shots so you can see there are a few other plants blooming. Avedon

This is our NOID "Single Somebody". I thought it looked so pretty this morning. This plant has put up four new scapes.

Julianna Lynn--small flower today, but always a goodie. There are only 2 more left.

"Bold Tiger Lookalike" popped twins today, several more to go on this scape.

Bodacious Returns has returned with three new scapes.

Tender Love Twins--Last flowers for this one.

This is a crinum lily, Crinum gowenii. It is supposed to be a fall flowerer, but since everything is crazy this year, it decided to bloom now. It has a lovely fragrance.

The plant of the crinum lily--this is the biggest it has every been.

The crinum lily had a little visitor this a.m.

Another visitor on the salvia--I woke this one up, it was sleeping on the flower until I came around and disturbed it.

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shive(6b TN)

It looks like you still have quite a bit blooming. I love that NOID. It's so elegant and graceful! The picture of the tiny frog on the crinum lily is really cute too.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Cute green frog! I love your first NO ID daylily, in fact it is my favorite. I also really like Bodacious Returns. Rains might produce more reblooms yet :-))

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Julia NY(6)

Love that NOID. How are the scapes and budcount?
The crinum lily is very pretty.

I understand completely about the browning foliage and each day, less and less is blooming.


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The flower on the crinum is beautiful, and very tropical looking. I love your little frog visitor, but the best if the photo of your "Bold Tiger Lookalike" -- what a knockout.

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Miss Victoria is my favorite. I am finding that I love the yellows that are a lemony color. Bold Tiger Lookalike is so pretty too.

And I love crinums! I am saving pollen from my crinums to cross pollinate my amaryllis with next year. Hoping to get a new reblooming & fragrant amarcrinum.

And I adore tree frogs, and bees ... love your pics of the critters! Have you seen the grey ones? They are kind of odd looking but none the less cute.


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Debra, Rita, Julia, glad you like the NOID. In the morning, it has that green cast that I like a lot. I will check bud and branching tomorrow morning when I am out. I would like to know, also.

Maximus, I wish I could get a true color on "B T Lookalike" It is really much more orange and the eye zone is red.

Rena, you know living down south we can grow the crinums. I have seen the old "Milk and Honey" crinums growing in ditches down here. Which ones do you have? And yes, in the "critter" department, we have the little gray tree frogs, too. Avedon

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Love the first white noid. Your C lily is so pretty and especially with the visitor. Ellie

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I sure like your BODACIOUS RETURNS,and also that NOID gorgeeous.


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My favorite daylily is the first one, Miss Victoria. Love the soft color of that one. The Crimun lily is beautiful, never seen one before. I guess the frog likes it too! We had a grey tree frog here earlier this summer but it disappeared once the hot weather got here. Maybe now that it's cooler they will come back. Marg

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You really have some good looking blooms for July and your little frog sure is cute.

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Love your first noid and Bold Tiger lookalike the most, but they all look good. I've never seen such lilies. And so good to see more scapes coming up!

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Maryl zone 7a

Bold Tiger Lookalike is my favorite, although any blooms now are a bonus. I always like the blooms on a Crinum, but that foliage always looks so unkempt to me. As a friend of mine said once who loved Crinums, you just don't look too hard at it. No kidding. The frog is a dandy and a welcome addition to any garden. We even have had one at my house for a couple of years. Haven't seen one this year though. Drought may have finally done it in...Maryl

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If you ever have it available I would love a fan or seeds of Julianna Lynn. Even a cross with anything else. MY youngest daughter is named Julianna and I would love to have a daylily in my new bed named for her. I am just starting out so have nothing to trade but would gladly send postage.

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Your lilies and visitors are a treat, but it's the crinum photo that really caught my eye: the dash of pink and sweeping, trailing petals give these chaste white blossoms a real flair.

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little frog is a cutie, and the crinum is so pretty, but your NOID is the prettiest today.

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Wow, such a nice response from so many of you, thanks to all for your comments. First I think I confused some people--I did not post a picture of Miss Victoria, which is a small flowered yellow. First pic is our NOID--speaking of which, I did a bud count this a.m. and found 7, 9, and 10 respectively on three of the scapes. The brand new scape has 4, and I expect more unless we get the hot temps this weekend, which might put on the brakes for more buds.

Its true, crinum lily foliage may not be the best, but when we lived in Ft. Worth, we had 2 named hybrids, and they were so beautiful in full bloom, nobody looked at anything else. We did not bring them here when we moved, because they are extremely difficult to dig up when established.

Ohiovalley gardener, I would have been delighted to send you a start of Julianna Lynn if I had an established plant, but ours is brand new, so I have nothing to share at this time. There are many wonderful people on this Forum who might be able to help you with your request. Why don't you post a message, maybe you will get lucky. Avedon

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Hi Avedon, yes I thought your noid was Miss Victoria. Well it sure is beautiful and definitely a keeper no matter what.

The crinums that I grow are Herbertii (an heirloom passed down in my family) it is fragrant and reblooms all summer.
Menehune which is almost jet black it is sold as a pond plant but mine is in regular garden soil and does wonderful. Queen Emma (purple folige) this one is new I can't wait to see & smell the blooms.
Ellen Bosanquet a disappointment because it only blooms once a summer. My herbertii has me spoiled. lol
Asiatic both green & purple. Stars & Stripes a really striking bloom. And another that is from Africa it's name is slipping my mind at the moment, but it has a very fragrant beautiful multihued pink bloom. And last but not least San Gria another purple foliaged plant. And boy are you right about them being difficult to dig up!!! I have 10 clumps of my herbertii that need to be divided but knowing that it will take every second of an hour and a half (yep, per clump) keeps them in place. To think they sink themselves 18" deep, whew - it insures their survival I suppose.

But to show the difference of opinion I LOVE crinum foliage! It is so exotic and tropical looking! It is the combo of huge blooms with the striking foliage that makes them so appealing to me.

How many do you grow Avedon?


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I've got dozens of 'Ellen Bosanquet' which will be flowering here by the last week of July. I have two plants of another very large Crinum given to me about fifteen years ago that make absolutely huge clumps with football sized bulbs and the leaves are rounder in cross-profile than EB. These have large number of quite tall flower stalks with large trumpet shaped flowers similar to an Easter lily and about the same size as one but white with a blurred pink stripe down the center of each petal. They smell fantastic at night and each stalk may have well over a dozen flowers. The problem is that they flower starting around July 1st and have mostly stopped by the time the EB start to flower. This big white variety reflowers in late August and September and I would like to cross the two. Any tips on how to save pollen for a little bit of hybridization experiments? I'd like to try it both ways for insurance. I live in Northeast TN where neither are supposed to be hardy but I've had the EB's since the mid 1980s and none of them are ever mulched and Crinums are one of my favorite plants. I also have several large groupings of pink "Powellii" hybrids that I might also want to throw into the mix. They look the pink fireworks at lower levels during the grand finale of a fireworks show where everything is going off en masse. None of my neighbors or any other plant enthusiasts I've encountered in this area have ever even seen a Crinum before much less three different types.

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Tarzan57, I was quite surprised to see one of my posts from last year come up. The best thing I can tell you about crinums is that I have only the one, so it's not a focus for me, for this is the daylily forum. However, since you want to know about hybridizing and if you have searched and found nothing, I would suggest the All Things Plants website. There is a BULBS forum and the first thread is entitled "Summer Bulbs". There are a few posts dealing with crinums and perhaps these people can help you with your questions. I do like crinums very much, and I am sure yours are wonderful. Avedon

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