D'Algiers melon

mesquiteent(z6b WestTX)January 18, 2005

I ordered seed for this melon the other day and was wondering if anyone here is growing it. It sure looks beautiful! What did you think of it?

I also wondered if anyone here ever grew the horned melon (kiwano)?

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Ive never grown kiwano, but we bought one at a specialty produce place. I thought it was kinda lousy, so did my fiance. Im sure home grown and fresh they can be more tasty.
They sure are cute tho. Ive got a couplea seeds someone was kind enough to give me if youd like to try it.

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mesquiteent(z6b WestTX)

Garnetmoth, I ordered the seeds for the horned melon already, but thanks alot for the offer:). I have posted regarding it on other forums and the general consensus is that they don't taste good at all. Like you say, homegrown may be different, but I've decided that it's okay if it's not good because, hey, it looks cool!

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thats a fun way of looking at it! Im hopefully going to grow White Wonder watermelon this year- It was listed as a dropped variety in the '98 seed savers handbook I have, and Baker Creek has it this season!

maybe Kiwano is better as jam or something... ?

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i am considering kiwano and tigger melon this year, care to trade garnet?
i have hand painted pottery if your interested.

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Amanda Frances

Actually, my boyfriend and I tried the Kiwano one night after picking it up from the store as a curiosity item, and both of us and my roommate enjoyed it. They're pretty fun to eat with a spoon once cut in half lengthwise, and I planted some seeds a few days ago and they're already sprouting with some bottom heat.

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