Advice - Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate

JANIE44(z7 NEMiss.)January 30, 2004

Anyone growing or every grown this heirloom. Select Seeds has the seed and plant. I'd like to try it. Any comments

would be appreciated


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fun plant, i just throw the seeds on the ground in a sunny area. reseeds every year. easy to grow if it survives in my garden. just for yucks, i also plant cupid's dart, love lies bleeding, love in a mist, love in a puff and bleeding heart. i have sort of a theme going........

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PucPuggyII(z8 VA)

Momcat you will want to make sure you have some Johny-jump-ups in your garden then. Historically, its common name was heartsease. It actually has about 200 different common names (it was the origianl pansy - the one Shakespeare wrote about), but one of my favorites is "meet-her-in-the-buttery-kiss-her-in-the-pantry."

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mycalicogirls(4b-5a Nebraska)

I'm interested in this plant too. How wide should I expect this to grow? Are they tall and narrow like sunflowers? I'm wanting to screen off my neighbor's trash cans across my picket fence with something, but already have other perennials established in the area I don't want to disturb too much. Morning glories are my other idea.

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ginger_nh(z4 NH)

I bought some small plants of variegated KMOTGG from Select Seeds this Spring. The plants are beautiful, lush, and healthy now--about 3' tall, but not yet approaching the promised 6-8'H and no flowers yet either. I believe the plant will be abot 18"W. It has very sturdy stems and the look of a BIG plant about to take off.

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

I bought this plant at a master gardener plant sale this year. My plants are 8 feet tall and more beautiful every day. At first when it bloomed I thought, big deal, but then the color gets darker and the blooms larger. I wanted it to block a ugly neighbor house, and the guy who was selling them said they reseed like crazy. I hope so, because I would love to have more next year!

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girlndocs(8 WA)

Does anyone have advice on germinating this plant? The SSE catalogue doesn't say anything about shilling, but I've read elsewhere that it needs various amounts if chilling time (up to 12 weeks!) to germinate.

Mine have been in the fridge for about 2 weeks in damp coffee filters, now. I plan on sticking them in peat pots in about another week. Much more chilling time than that, and with their reportedly long germination time I'd be afraid to not get flowers this year :(

Should I keep the peat pots at indoor room temp, or set them outside?



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gardenmom2(IN Zone 6)

Does this plant need to be chilled before planting??? If so, how long. I was not aware of the requirement and may be running out of time.

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i have plenty of the seed for kiss me over the garden gate, it self seeds and over winters well, it can drop a lot of not wanted, just pull up and thin out in spring when they start to come up. and for hideing the neighbors trash cans I'd use purple hull peas it is beautiful, i put up strings and shade the west side of my house with it, after fall and 1st frost you can see the peas turn brown & hard pull them, dry and hull for next year.I have tons of seeds I am bringing to the potluck the 18th. I would bring zillions of plants but not got a whole lot ye, need a few more weeks, at the end of may I have plenty of bedding plants taken up(when i thin them out) to give away. if you live @ norman, ok and want some (@50 differant)let me know, at (SUBJECT LINE: BEDDING PLANTS PLEASE)

shamaneyes / AngeLena

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