Royal Helleborus Mix

lemon306(Z8B La.)January 14, 2004

My Gurney's catalog has a $20 coupon. I can get 12 plants of what they call Royal Helleborus Mix for $3/plant. Should I give them a try?

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Gurney's has a rather unfavorable reputation as a mail order outlet and I would be suspect of the size of a $3.00 hellebore, but the Royal Heritage strain produces some nice selections of hellebores. Maybe worth applying the $20 coupon towards, but I'd hesitate investing much more with this source.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden watchdog - Gurney's

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lemon306(Z8B La.)

Thanks gardengal. I think I will pass on the offer!

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Hi Lemon,
Where are you located in LA? I have a friend in Z8 in Ark. and he has a hard time with Helleborus. I maintain a garden for my daughter on the GA coast, Z8b/9 and have had no success with Helleborus there. What is your secret?
I also agree that ordering from Gurney's is not a good idea.

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lemon306(Z8B La.)

Hello Razorback,

No secrets to share. I have only one Lenten Rose I am trying this year. I am just looking for a little winter color.Seems to be happy where it is so far. Maybe the Christmas Rose is a little less happy in my zone here in south Louisiana(I'm near Lafayette).

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