need help picking out heirloom Cucumber and Carrot

christinmk z5b eastern WAJanuary 29, 2010

I was hoping you guys could help me pick out a good heirloom Cucumber and Carrot. I have just started to get into heirlooms, so any expert recommendations would be wonderful!

As far as a Cucumber goes I am looking for one that is:

Prolific producer- I want lots of cucumbers!

Not too bitter by nature (though I think I read that the amount of moisture provided has something to do with bitterness...)


Thin skins that don't need to be peeled (not mandatory, though certainly welcome)

Good slicer and can also be pickled

Last year I tried Carrot 'Chantenay' and was not impressed. The flavor wasn't to my liking, a bit too earthy. I want a Carrot that is very SWEET. And crunchy.

Thank you so much for any ideas!


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Try below from Victory seeds, or others that may carry
same. In eastcoast 'sandy' central Fla, I liked the
Pointsett 76, type. Both are open pollinanted, and NO
mention of Heirloom status, sorry... Plus not certain
on the pickler either.

Marketmore 76
70 days  Bred by Dr. Henry M. Munger of Cornell University and released in 1976. The fruit are eight to nine inches long and dark green in color. They have a sweet mild flavor and are very disease resistant (downy mildew, powdery mildew, scab, cucumber mosaic virus). Does well in cool climates.
During our 2003 growing season we had some extremely hot (100F) and dry weather here in Oregon. The cucumber in the picture was picked in the midst of our heat wave and was not bitter at all. It remained of excellent flavor.

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good to know about the Marketmore as that is one cuke type I ordered thru Baker Creek! (The other being Delikatasse, sounded good!)

I heard Diva was a good cucumber, but I do not know if it is a heirloom or not (I'm new to gardening, just learning!)

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Thanks so much for the info flarick! That is good to know it does well in both cold and hot temps- our weather is just like that too. Going to look up the first one you mentioned...

-lscully02, Gardenweb is just a wealth of information, so I am sure you will become a pro gardener in no time ;-)

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