Marvelous Monday with Newbies and Multiples

maximus7116(MI)July 14, 2014

What a great day in the garden! 2014 is shaping up to be the best year yet, and who would have thought that would happen after our horrible winter? The daylilies must have loved their two feet of snow cover!

ARCTIC LACE -- Yes, I've posted it before, but how could I resist posting again when it posed so prettily?

CLOWN PARADE also gets another post for parading so well:

Another group shot, this one of RIBBIT RIBBIT:


Another repeat, this one from DREAMCICLE SUPREME. The color and substance on this plant are amazing:

TRUE TO WHIM, an oldie that earned a new spot in the garden:

CONCRETE BLONDE just started its long bloom season:

CHILLED EUPHORIA joined the party today:

LADY PHARAOH is blooming happily:

VANILLA GORILLA is new this year:

And finally, RASPBERRY FLAMBE debuted with a perfect bloom that was waist-high. What a great Monday surprise:


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Julia NY(6)

I love that ARCTIC LACE. Perfect. Makes me wish I had gotten that instead of Victorian Lace which is still being wished away on the junk pile.

Ribbit Ribbit does great here too. What a blooming machine.

Clown Parade is another great one. Are you seeing any significant increase with it? I ask because here it is slow but the scapes are tall, well budded and opens perfectly.

Nice group Chris.


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shive(6b TN)

So many great ones today. Arctic Lace and Clown Parade were both posting perfectly. Chilled Euphoria, Vanilla Gorilla, and Raspberry Flambe are my favorites among the singles. I like the vibrant color of Raspberry Flambe and the white edges on the sepals as well as the petals. It's good to see your photo of True to Whim. I have a seedling from seeds bought on the Lily Auction with that one as a parent, and photos of TTW vary greatly from light lavender to the color yours has. I can see the resemblance of my seedling to True to Whim in your photo. My seedling is much taller than TTW, but has its white midribs. The sepals always quill and the petals usually cascade.


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lorabell NC(8)

I've vanilla gorilla as well and just had its first blooms...
What a beauty....

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Stunning combination in the Clown Parade photo. This year I planted some violet-colored monarda with my violet-eyed daylilies but managed to get the heights wrong - the only way I can get both flowers in the same picture is with an aerial shot. :-P

Thanks for sharing your fantastic pictures.

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Marvelous is an understatement! Arctic Lace, Clown Parade, Bachelor Party, Vanilla Gorilla. and Raspberry Flambe are my picks. Vanilla Gorilla is one I've thought about getting, your picture of it is great!

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Clown Parade and Arctic Lace are my favorites today but all of them are nice.

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Thanks, everyone.

Julia, I've had good increase from Clown Parade but am most impressed with the number of blooms it's had since I first planted it. Victorian Lace does well here, but I prefer the whiter blooms of Arctic Lace.

Debra, I remember the beautiful seedling you posted from True to Whim, but I assumed you grew TTW. It's probably 30" here and is always a dark purple. I had a feeling you'd like Raspberry Flambe with that white edge.

The photos I've seen of Vanilla Gorilla on line look great, so I'm excited to see how it looks once it's settled in.

Statmam, I grow about six different varieties of monarda and it's scattered all over the garden. It's hard to get a daylily shot without the bee balm sneaking into the photo!

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Raspberry Flambe is sumptuously flamboyant. Has it survived a few winters? I really like Bachelor Party too.

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Well Chris, that shot of Clown Parade with the red Bee Balm is outstanding. Yo should consider entering that one in the contest. Arctoc Lace is lovely, and Ribit Ribit is an eye catcher. I really like Raspberry Flambe too.

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Well, thanks, Kay!

Mantis, Raspberry Flambe was added in 2012, so it's had a couple winters in Michigan. I didn't even notice the scapes, so I was so surprised to walk around the garden and have that one almost staring me in the face. It's not registered as very tall, so the height really surprised me.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

beautiful. don't matter if you post them over and over.They are not the same bloom each time,since the bloom only lasts one day.ARTIC LACE is a beauty,and I love BACHELOR PARTY, too, and CLOWN PARADE is always a beauty. all your daylilies must have really injoyed that very cold winter and piles of snow.They are all gorgeous.


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Arctic Lace was pretty amazing. Feel free to post it every day.

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Thanks, Jean.

Edward, you must be blooming up there by now, right? We need pics!

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

Wow! So gorgeous! I'm adding Raspberry Flambe to my wish list. They are beautifully done pictures as well as beautiful blooms. Thanks for posting them!

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All of your daylily pics are wonderful, but Raspberry Flambe has that " you really have to have me" effect. It's going on my got to get list. Oh the crosses I could dream of making with that one. lol


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gonegardening(7 VA)

Be still my heart, Arctic Lace. When it's good, it's verrry good.

Dreamcicle Supreme looks...haha...dreamy. A FL flower liking Michigan! Good to see.

Vanilla Gorilla...the name alone makes that a must have. (That was the old me that popped out for a minute!) A Magic of Oz should have great habits from that one as MoO is a long bloomer here (still going). Very interesting.

A very nice day in your garden! Okay...where's today's?

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Love Dreamcicle Supreme and Arctic Lace.

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All beautiful. Artic Lace is one of my favorites, but mine didn't do well this year. Maybe because I tried dividing it in the fall.
I love the color of your Clown Parade. Mine is new this year and has more yellow in it.

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Maryl zone 7a

Rasberry Flambe really grabbed my attention and the shot of Arctic Lace is wonderful. Dreamcicle Surpreme, although listed as a "creamy orange" looks golden yellow to me in your picture, but whatever it's called I like it.........Maryl

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Thanks! I was hesitant to add Dreamcicle Supreme this far north, but it has surprised me and done well. Maryl, it is more orange than my photo shows, but a difficult color for my camera to capture.

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