fruit in close quarters

redbrick(z6a PA)January 14, 2006

I know a lot of us are very involved with preserving heirloom flowers and vegetables, but many of us never consider heirloom (or antique) fruits. The fact that most people no longer have acres of land to work with has a lot to do with it. However, you really don't need as much space as you think.

One of my favorite tricks is a method called espalliering. That's when you grow a bush or tree flat against a wall, fence, or trellis. You could say that grape vines are espalliered. I've also seen Pyracanthas grown this way. On the side of my one shed, I've begun a tiered horizontal pattern with two pear trees.

Another trick is using dwarfing rootstocks. you can grow 9 dwarf trees in the space of one standard tree.

So, what are your space-saving ideas?

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

I grow most of my fruit trees in containers. I have a mini-orchard on my concrete patio that provides us with plentiful fruit, as well as beauty.

Using dwarfing rootstock helps tremendously, as does summer and winter pruning.

Here is one of my Apple trees last year.


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redbrick(z6a PA)

Hi Lisa,
What size pots do you use? Do you have any special tricks that you use? Any particular problems? I really like this idea!

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