opie12(8/MS)January 10, 2009

I was looking through my SSE catalog and was intrigued by "Blue Jade Corn" has anyone here ever grown it? Any comments on taste? It says that it can be grown in containers, which I would love to do since last year all of the corn I planted was eaten by raccoons. I would like to put it on my porch where the dog and cats can keep the racoons away, but if the taste is no good then its not worth it. Anyway, any comments/suggestions?

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If you used to modern sweet corn, you may not like the taste. I have encountered few people who have grown and they did not care for it. On the other hand if you are use to the older open pollinated corn, you may like it.

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Any other corn that is well suited for container growing?

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About your only options in the three foot tall class, are Blue Jade, Orchard Baby and Helwig Sweet. Orchard baby has mixed reviews.
More choices are availble in 4-5 ft class. Seeds of Change promotes Hooker's Sweet Indian. Golden Bantam will average around 5 feet and is the best open pollinated corn that I have tried.
Many of the 60 - 70 day hybrids will be under 5 ft. Examples are Sunglo, Silver knight, Trinity, Quickie ...
Ihave not found any of the extra earlies to have the flavor of a main season cultivar. This is Silver Knight, the best of the ones that I have tried. I don't container garden so have no idea how well any of the would do.

Here is a link that might be useful: short sweet corn.

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