Getting started with Hachiyas

thecityman, Zone 7a/6b near NashvilleDecember 27, 2013

I'm looking for some very basic information to get started growing Hachiya persimmons. Hopefully your answers will be helpful to others who are considering growing persimmons. I am in Tennessee, zone 7a/6b
1) I've read that there are male and female persimmons and only females produce fruit. But when I look at on-line tree sellers, they do not say anything about this. Does this mean that all sellers of persimmons (hachiya especially) are selling only female trees?
2) Will I need to plant both a male and female tree to produce fruit? Is there anything else regarding the sex of persimmon trees that a beginner needs to know and which is different from other fruit trees?
3) Having tasted just two varieties (Fuyu and Hachiya), I strongly prefer Hachiya. Of course this is a personal preference that many may disagree with, and I do know about astringent/non astringent. What I would like to know from you experts is whether or not there is any big difference in terms of growing difficulties between the two types. I mean, is one more susceptible to disease or have any other characteristics that would make a beginning grower any more or less likely to succeed in producing fruit?
4) Knowing I prefer the hachiya variety, are there any other varieties that any of you feel strongly about (in terms of taste) that are in the vane of hachiya (soft, sweet, etc) ?
5) are there any persimmon tree vendors you can recommend? By internet/mail or in the Nashville, tn area?

In short, is there anything else you feel that I, as an uninformed/inexperienced fruit grower should know before I just order 2 hachiya persimmons, plant them, and wait for fruit?

(I'm sorry I've posted somewhat often lately and certainly don't want to take advantage of this resource. Its just that I'm trying to prepare myself so I can get my orders in while its still planting season. Thanks)

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Hachiya is a cultivated variety of the species known as Diospyros kaki which is known here as an Asian persimmon. There is a native one also, Diospyros virginiana, but the fruits are much smaller.

I have not found anything searching around that says that 'Hachiya' (which is a female tree) is self-fertile. In fact this link below says that they do need pollination from a male.

You might try visiting the fruit forum; here is a link to a post about persimmons there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Info here

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thecityman, Zone 7a/6b near Nashville

thank-you so much for the information! I actually thought I had posted in the fruit forum....not sure how I posted in the wrong place! But thanks so much for taking the time to not only reply, but to even do a little searching on my behalf.

I, too, have read that you need a male and female, but as I said....none of the online nurseries I've seen make that distinction between their Asian persimmons for sale. Hmm.
thanks again!

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